Kinetically Kara

Dance Instruction with Movement Specialist Kara Fabina





May 2016 - Tuesday Blues @ the Mercury Cafe, Denver CO

June 2016 - Hot Night @ Savoy Ballroom, Denver CO

June 2016 - Blues Workshop, Los Angeles CA


Kara Fabina

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Instructor Bio

Kara Fabina is an international dance instructor based in Colorado Springs. Since 2008 she has been teaching and competing jazz, swing and blues throughout the world. Having been dancing for almost two decades, Kara brings both knowledge and experience to the dance floor. She has been recognized internationally for her choreography as well as her achievements in competitions. As an instructor, she stresses connection with one’s partner, connection to the music, and intention in dancing. Her real passion is to become a dance historian and study each style’s rich history and culture.

DJ Bio

One thing that you can count on from this DJ is a vast understanding of genres. Because of her background in various dance styles, Kara brings a depth of musical knowledge appropriate for dancing. Her loves vary from House to Funk, Old School Hip Hop, Vintage Jazz, Blues and Soul. She has a not so secret adoration for mashups, and has even dabbled in beat production and mixology. With a desire to be a jill of all trades, she began Dj’ing at house parties in 2011. Since then she has gone on to DJ at local dance venues and events throughout the country. Based in Colorado Springs, she works to provide dancers with a variety of blues, jazz, and swing music in her sets.

Event Organizer Bio

Organizing and running events is just one more thing this lady excels at. Starting out as a lowly event volunteer, Kara has been helping run national events and venues since 2008. Working with some of the best organizers in the industry, she has picked up many trade secrets and cultivated her inner event organizer. Whether it is building the event from square one, tackling the daunting task of scheduling and housing, snagging that great deal from a local vendor, managing dances and finances, or just offering some advice to a fellow organizer, Kara has undertaken numerous aspects of a successful project. Currently she helps Amos run Front Range Swing and Blues, a dance venue in the Springs dedicated to the promotion and preservation of vintage American dances.

Choreography Bio

Choreography and performance has always been a passion of Kara’s. Each piece that she creates is intricately tied to the music as well as an experiment to capture a mood or tell a story. She has spent many years in the spotlight entertaining and educating crowds. As a choreographer, Kara pushes to remain true to the history and aesthetic of each dance while adding a bit of sass and flash. As a performer, she strives to captivate and humor an audience while making them notice the music.